At the age of 48, and being not very fond of housework, Aidan' Rose decided she needed something constuctive to do. She dragged her son's old, worn, Playschool easel out of the garage, took up an old kitchen cabinet from a recent remodel in the neighborhood, and started drawing one of her favorite musicians. Soon, her drawings began to evolve as she began adding depth to the faces with stains and oil pastels.....then oil paints to cover the background. Finally, she discovered she could convert her God given talent for drawing into colorful works of art with detail and depth. She painted the classic African American Blues greats she heard while kicking around the South when she was younger, and she painted the rock musicians she listened to before that. They all had amazing depth from the patterns in the wood and they seemed to "pop" out of the picture. She knew she had found something she liked to do and could do well. Having always been resourceful and not wanting her efforts to go to waste, she brought us a couple of paintings and we decided that her work had found a good home. Now, a year later, she's very busy with her paintings being in demand...from our gallery as well as the HOB (House of Blues)Company Store which she considers an honor. Her work can also be viewed at the HOB Music Hall & the HOB Restaurant in Atlantic City. She's managed to support herself with her paintings and was finally able to quit the "stand up all day" job she had before. She paints in her backyard, still using the Playschool easel and painting on wood she finds or buys at the Home Depot. We frame some of her pieces for her....other times she just paints her pictures right over the frames....which is equally as nice. She's here in California, (loving her bohemian artist life)so we have easy access to her work....although sometimes we have to stand in line to get it these days!